The World Education Network is an international organization that functions as a hub and gateway to educational, vocational and health related content as well as programs and tools to use it efficiently.

TWEN integrates these resources and technology into customized programs that are effectively re-distributed through online learning portals anywhere on the planet.

In the United States we develop turnkey virtual schools that simultaneously provide organizations with funding and outreach. Typical programs include curriculum, automated lesson plans, computer graded assessments, and printable progress reports. Students get help when needed via a shared whiteboard screen that brings together teacher/tutor and student anywhere in the world as if in the same room together. These components can be combined with locally produced lessons, sermons, podcasting, video and mp3 streaming, blogging, social networks and much more. The programs generate funds while creating an incredible opportunity to reach the local community or entire world. Programs focus on home-educated students, adult learners, at risk, out-of-school and incarcerated populations.

In developing countries education is key to future economic growth, greater stability and improved standards of living. Our programs help address shortages of teachers, scarcities of schools and a deficiency in both the quality and quantity of learning materials. Education unlocks doors. Countries that would never allow outsiders to set foot on their soil, often welcome educational programs with open arms, no matter what the added message.

For those who are in natural disasters and economic strife, hard-to-reach, or unstable environments, we provide innovative solutions for education delivery.
Through original content, partnerships, and articulation agreements, we develop effective, culturally appropriate programs that make education easily accessible and free or affordable.

Partnering With You To Bring Education To The World
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